MyLifeMarker™ Helps You:

  • Give comfort to those you love, long after you're gone
  • Preserve YOUR messages and memories using a professional, secure & highly personalized video format
  • Share your life's journey with others

From early on, friends and families visited cemeteries and graveyards to reminisce and reflect. People purchased very expensive monuments, headstones, grave markers, crypts and mausoleums as a way to show honor and remembrance.

Today families are mobile and move far away making visiting too costly. Thus old customs are fading into the past and yet the heart still longs for the loved one. Some just want one more chance to visit. If only the wonderful memories of life could be preserved like “time in a bottle”.

Now thanks to MyLifeMarker™, they can be.

Each professionally captured virtual message you leave behind will become a personal “time capsule” that will carry you into the future. Your video memories will be shared by your children and their children’s children as their way to remember who you are, know their roots and see how they become who they are.

MyLifeMarker™ Does It All!

Our clients provide the memories, we take care of the rest

Professional Recording

A professional videographer will capture sessions on-site or in a studio

Our skilled videographers are trained to help guide you along as they capture the best MyLifeMarker™ video possible.

Highly Secure Storage

We maintain privacy & security at the highest standards

We store and secure each MyLifeMarker™ video in our Ultra-Secure Data Banks for perpetuity.

Always up to date

Your videos will evolve with the technology to view them

We ensure that data is constantly being formatted to work with the latest technology. What good is a DVD if DVD players no longer exist?

Retrievable ONLY upon death

Your video won't be viewable by ANYONE until your gone

Only upon the verified death of one of our clients will their video become accessible for retrieval and viewing by their friends and family.

Wish to retrieve a video for a loved one who has passed?

Please send us an email with the full name of the deceased as well as your full name and contact information and we'll promptly help you with your request.

Or simply call us at 910-782-8199